What Can Happen to You

Half the women who experience serious side effects do not recognize the signs.  The signs can be so subtle that they are easily missed.  As you read the stories of real women who experienced life threatening or fatal outcomes, you will see that the warning signs were not recognized as significant signals that they were in danger.  This is because the signs can be dismissed, rationalized away or thought to be temporary.

If you decide you really want to take the risk of using NuvaRing, it is vital that you understand every single warning sign of cardiac events, strokes and blood clots and seek medical treatment immediately. Tell your doctor or the ER staff that you are using combinational hormonal birth control. Insist on being thoroughly checked for blood clots, such as a DVT, PE, or Stroke.

Do not fool yourself.   Your life depends on knowing these warning signs.  But we also feel it is important to remind you that once you recognize that you are in danger, it may still be too late.