About Us

We are a group of people who know women who were injured or died while they were on NuvaRing as a method of birth control.

Out of our deep love for these women, we want to provide you with as much real information as possible to help you make the safest choice about the birth control you decide to use.

We believe that you have a right to hear all the information.

We believe that the FDA has failed our women by not being vigilant in reviewing product safety, not holding pharmaceutical companies responsible and accountable for their products.

We will quote here from The Risks of Prescription Drugs, ed. Donald W. Light (SSRC/Columbia University Press, 2010).

Research into the details of how the FDA approves drugs has found that it approves them with partial evidence of harmful effects, or sometimes before the results of an important trial are in, and sometimes despite known risks, because it is under great pressure by companies and patients to get new drugs on the market. The FDA increases risk this way through quick approvals that require post-approval trials, most of which are not completed. The FDA Office of Drug Safety has limited staff or funds to monitor safety once drugs are on the market and few powers to restrict or withdraw a dangerous drug. It repeatedly recommends that dangerous drugs be taken off the market but is overruled by the body that approved them. The officers in charge are known to be both skeptical of the evidence coming in and reluctant to admit they approved a drug that is harming patients.


Contact us:  nuvaringaction@gmail.com

IMPORTANT: Information shared on this website is not intended to
take the place of the discussion that you should have with your doctor/health provider.








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