Migraines – Increased Risk of Blood Clots

Women who have migraine with aura may be at increased risk of heart attacks, and those taking newer contraceptives may be at higher risk of blood clots.

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Migraine Increases Risk of Blood Clots
A study analyzed females with migraine who took hormonal contraceptives, and looked at their risk of developing blood clots.

Both women with migraine with aura and women with migraine without aura participated in the study who were taking both newer contraceptives, including the contraceptive patch and ring, and older contraceptives. A total of 145,304 of the females observed were using contraceptives – 2,691 were affected by migraine with aura and 4,437 were affected by migraine without aura.

Women who had migraine with aura had a higher chance of having blood clot complications, such as deep vein thrombosis with all types of contraceptives, compared to those with migraine without aura.

The team found that 7.5% of women who had migraine with aura and used a newer generation combined contraceptive had deep vein thrombosis vs. 6.3% of females who had migraine without aura. However, they noted, the timing of the two occurrences is unknown.

An increased incidence of blood clot complications was seen among females with migraine who took contraceptives compared to subjects taking the contraceptives who did not have migraine.

Researcher Shivang Joshi, MD, MPH, RPh, of Brigham and Women’s Falkner Hospital in Boston and a member of the American Academy of Neurology, said:
”Women who have migraine with aura should be sure to include this information in their medical history and talk to their doctors about the possible higher risks of newer contraceptives, given their condition.”

Kurth’s research received support from the National Institutes of Health, and Joshi’s research received support
from the Graham Headache Center Research Fund. Written by Sarah Glynn


Glynn, S. (2013, January 16). “Migraine With Aura Linked To Heart Disease in Women.” Medical News Today. Retrieved from http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/255013.php.

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