So What are Migraine Auras?

So What are Migraine Auras?

A migraine aura is an identifiable sort of prodrome, or premonition, that signals a migraine. It is an indicator or series of indications that let migraineurs, people who endure unceasing migraines, know in advance that a migraine headache is about to make itself felt.

Aura effects happen over about five minutes and commonly occur from twenty minutes to an hour prior to the inception of a headache. They are a symptom of what used to be called “classic migraine”. Recently, medical professionals have moved to a more scientifically specific term, migraine-with-aura. Only approximately 15-20% of migraineurs relentlessly are inflicted with any kind of aura before a headache happens.

Aura Effects
Most migraine auras are visual. These auras are called positive visual phenomena because, rather than their vision being lost or going shady, people who are inflicted with them see things. Examples include:
-Auras or Haloes: a nimbus of light or fog surrounding objects, in particular, light sources
-Blinking or Floating Lights: colored or white (rarely dark) points that appear to move
-Lightning Bolts: a toothed or zigzag line that glitters and/or bows on the field of eyesight; with the frequency or seriousness rising over time until the person can no longer see (a whiteout); This result regularly discontinues with the inception of headache pain.
-Photophobia: a severe sensitivity to light; this effect commonly lasts the duration of the headache

Most auras keep on for less than an hour. Migraineurs who are inflicted with auras that persist for more than an hour are said to suffer from migraines with protracted aura. In some cases a migraineur may feel aura effects without a headache developing, but it is still thought of to be a warning sign of frequent migraines. At countless times the same person may undergo all three variations, migraine with aura, migraine with prolonged aura, or typical aura without headache.


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