Jackie Bozicev – Age 32

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Jackie was 32,years,old and had been using NuvaRing for six,months, starting shortly after the birth of her daughter. One Friday morning, her husband heard her puttering about in their second,floor bathroom. As she was about to step into the shower, she called his name. He answered her, preoccupied with their son, age 2, who was demanding another waffle. After Jackie cried for him a second time, barely able to get out his name, he dashed upstairs and found her on the floor, unable to breathe. “She was in a lot of pain, rolling around, trying to get onto her stomach,” he says. “My son was there, watching the whole thing.” To his horror, Jackie started turning blue.

When an ambulance arrived, emergency techs tried to restart her breathing. Bozicev was gripped with terror. Doctors continued to try to revive her in the hospital but eventually had to give up. She died that day. The cause of death: massive pulmonary thrombosis due to deep vein thrombosis. Jackie wasn’t overweight and didn’t smoke.