Real Stories about Real Women

Read their full stories below:FINAL Women's Stories - Are Women Fully Informed_ UPDATED 10-14 w ages-2

Read their stories:

Photo AmandaJean AmandaJean Beaulieu – age 28

photo Amelia  Amelia Best – age 22

Photo Amy  Amy Westbrook – age 22

photo Angela  Angela Miller – age 28

Photo Brittany  Brittany Malone – age 23

Photo Chelsea  Chelsea Sturgill-Lewis – age 20

Photo Dana  Dana Jenn – age 40

Photo Erika  Erika Langhart – age 24

Photo Jackie Jackie Bozicev – age  32

Photo Julia  Julia West Ross – age 29

Photo Kande  Kande Garver – age 29

Photo Kathleen  Kathleen Heldman – age late thirties

Photo La Monica  La Monica Green – age 17

Photo Madyson  Madyson Isler – age 18

Photo Megan  Megan Henry – age 25

Photo Rachel  Rachel Lietzke Payne – age  22

Photo of Sarah McCormick  Sarah McCormick – age 22

Photo Tracey  Tracy Wells – age 29

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